As much as some of us would hate to admit, the sun-fun activities are over for this year. It’s time to take out your blankets and cosy sweaters for those long autumn and winter nights by the fireplace.

However, just because the overexposure to UV rays is over, it doesn’t mean your skin is fine on its own.

Cold weather carries certain challenges to your skin that, if not treated properly, can cause the same amount of damage as unprotected exposure to the sun.

Luckily, there are several winter skincare tips you can take on board, so you can enjoy outdoor activities in the colder weather and still keep your complexion healthy and radiant.


Proper hydration is essential at any time of the year and for every part of your body.

Drinking enough water in the summer comes naturally.

But in winter you tend to crave it less, making it more likely you’ll forget to drink as much as you should.

When we add the harsh windy weather and large differences in the temperature between indoors and outdoors, it results in dryness, redness and flakiness of your skin.

As a 2015 study shows, daily water intake is affecting the hydration of our skin. Therefore, the first step towards keeping your skin safe during winter is drinking plenty of water.

Consult a professional


Even though there are plenty of products and home remedies to use as part of your winter skincare routine, it’s often the case that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your individual skin needs.

Therefore, always make sure you visit a cosmetic clinic and speak to a professional dermatologist to find the right treatment for your skin type.

This advice will help you to avoid buying over hyped and overpriced products that are abound in perfumes and artificial ingredients. These just cause more harm to your sensitive skin.


Applying moisturiser during winter is a no-brainer.

Yet, so many of us are reluctant to make changes in our winter skincare routine, especially once we have finally found the perfect lotion or moisturising cream for our skin type.

However, as the winter time requires additional care and a different formula, we need to make sure that our skin gets all the help it needs.

When shopping for a winter edition of your day/night care products, make sure you look for a rich formula with lots of hydrating agents, such as pure plant oils (argan and rosehip oils), and antioxidants, like vitamin C.

Moreover, remember to apply your skincare products in order to keep your skin dewy and healthy during cold weather.

Shorten your shower time

Shorten your shower time

Who doesn’t enjoy a long, hot bath or a shower to clear their mind after a long day?

However, it’s one of the most harmful things you can do to our skin. Exposing our skin to hot water for a long period of time causes excessive dryness and dehydration. It robs our skin of its protective layer and makes it more susceptible to damage.

If you cannot resist the temptation of cranking up the water temperature, at least try to reduce your shower time to prevent the occurrence of dry and flaky skin.

Don’t forget the SPF

The need for SPF protection doesn’t stop with the end of summer.

You may not be able to see it, but UV radiation is always there no matter the weather. The danger from UV increases in the snow because the reflection raises its intensity.

Quality sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is a must all year around for keeping your skin glowy, moisturised and looking young.



You’re probably familiar with the numerous health benefits of keeping an active lifestyle with regular physical activity.

As the seasons change, and your body starts to get less natural light, you’re in danger of developing the condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Since the decreased sunlight affects the production of your mood hormone – serotonin, it indirectly affects many other functions in your body.

Exercise is suggested as one of the first steps for overcoming seasonal depression prevention.

By staying active, you’re helping your body to cope better with the changes. Also, your circulation will improve, resulting in healthier and glowing skin.


Rich formula moisturisers can do wonders on dry skin – yet the skin still needs proper preparation.

The first step towards great hydration is exfoliation.

Even though it doesn’t seem like the logical thing to do in the wintertime, (given the dryness and irritation,) your skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying a cream.

Aside from getting rid of dead skin cells, exfoliation helps the absorption of the moisturiser.

To keep your skin pure and radiant during the harsh cold months, make sure to use a gentle scrub a couple of times a week before applying skincare products.


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