Following my fantastic interview with Ed Renwick, I have been eagerly looking for other bearded heroes to interview.

For me, it is a fascinating experience. I get to learn about how other guys take care of their beard and then use these insights to improve my own beard grooming regime.

This post is focused on the Beard Instructor. His site is full of fantastic tips for keeping your beard in top shape, so I am really happy that he has agreed to be interviewed for my blog. I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

What made you first grow a beard?

I can’t remember. I have had a beard for about 20 years or so. For me, it’s not a trend; it’s more a philosophy. I think it’s the most masculine thing on this planet, one of the few that women can’t have (usually).

What was your inspiration behind the Beard Instructor?

The blog puts everything together that I love: beards, people, graphic design, technology, online business, video editing and photography.

It started when my old team at work was fired – they all lost their jobs, except me. I was a digital project manager at that time, but I was thinking about my situation and whether it was time to change something fundamental in my life.

One option was to start a barber education in London. But the risk was too high, the salary was not what I needed and I had no money to pay for the education. Thus, I opted for something else to do.

I am now back in the field of social media management, but the idea of doing something with beards was still alive. The idea of a blog was born, which was meant to be a base for future developments because I still want to do more in this area.

I recently did a trimming workshop and started cutting friends’ beards and I am working on some other ideas related to the beard blog (this is where the idea of being an instructor comes from). But for now, it’s more of a hobby to me – to write good articles is time consuming, and if you work full time there’s not much time left to do this.

Describe your grooming regime. How do you keep it looking so great?

I am actually a pretty lazy guy with this. Of course, I try a lot of new products and stuff for the blog, but in the end, I spend very limited time on it.

I am often asked how I get the hair so straight, but it’s natural. I brush the beard daily, use some balm and I bring the beard into shape with a hair dryer. Once a week I trim the mustache, and every second week I trim the rest of the beard. And once a month I go to the barber of course.

What products do you use? What would you recommend?

It changes from time to time. Currently, I am using a beard shampoo I was gifted when I left my old team. It’s from a brand called Depot. I like the mint scent a lot.

For the beard care, I first apply a conditioner named Morfose, and after drying, I finish with a beard balm from OAK. I love the shininess and it keeps my beard in shape for some time. Interestingly, when I use this balm, I get a lot of compliments.

Besides that, I occasionally use a beard oil from Bull Dog but for a longer beard like mine, balm is the better option. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – I make my own balm as well 🙂

Who is your beardspiration? (beard inspiration)

Oh good question. I think I am just addicted to beards. It’s eye candy and a deep expression of a man’s nature.

I have a huge number of other blogs and Instagram accounts I follow, which give me a lot of ideas for posts and pictures.

Another source of inspiration is my room mate. He is a photographer and I just love to pose for beard shootings. And of course, I love to connect and talk to bearded guys from all around the world – on Facebook, Instagram or other websites.

What do your friends and family think of your beard?

I actually don’t care about that. Some people like it, some don’t. But most comments are positive.

How have you dealt with negative reactions to your beard?

I have never had any real negative reactions as far as I can remember.

It’s more the opposite. I went to a restaurant, and the waitress asked if she could take a picture of my beard because she had never seen one like that before.

What advice would you give to someone growing a beard for the first time?

Be patient and don’t listen to what others might say. Choose the beard that fits your face best (which is most likely the full beard that is great for most face shapes.)

Don’t apply too much oil. Buy a good brush and train the beard daily. In the beginning, I suggest that you go to a good barber who can give you tips and advice.

Lastly, keep it groomed and take care of it! There’s nothing more ugly than a non-groomed beard.