The notion that growing a beard was ever simple and fuss-free is almost inconceivable. In the light of the fact that beard products are a large part of the male grooming market, estimated to reach the worth of £1 billion, we can say with certainty that beards make for a huge part of men’s grooming routine.

Women and men without beards perhaps believe that growing and maintaining one entails next to no work. But there are numerous issues that plague beard-lovers from which oils to use, how to shampoo, how to put a stop to itching to numerous skin issues that only bearded men have and can relate to.

Today we are discussing the latter; it’s time to help our bearded friends all over the world and guide them towards a solution for their unique skin problems.

The neophyte’s acne

If you’re only just now joining the bearded movement, there are probably two things you’ll experience. The first is the admiration for how handsome you look with a beard. The second, and definitely less pleasant, is the appearance of acne, particularly in the parts of your face where the beard is.

This is actually quite common and nothing to stress about. One of the culprits is ingrown hair, particularly if you’re transitioning from a close-shaved to a bearded look. However, the main culprit is a lack of hygiene, which is understandable.

After all, as a beginner, you haven’t yet received your complete guide to beard growing and grooming. Kidding aside, this is an easily solvable issue.

Since your beard attracts dust and bacteria from outside, which then sit on your skin and trigger inflammation and acne, the best course of action is to use a mild cleanser and wash your beard twice a day.

There is a great number of amazing cleansing products, and one of our personal picks is definitely the Asap skin care cleanser as it is mild yet effective and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.  You also need a great exfoliator as this product will help sooth the irritation that comes with ingrown hair.

The barber’s itch

The barber’s itch

Most beard-lovers are already familiar with this painful issue that also goes by a ‘regular’ name – beard rash.

This may seem harmless, but it can be quite painful, not to mention that it may cost you an expensive trip to the dermatologist’s office if you don’t tend to it with due diligence.

This issue most often comes as a result of friction between the stubble and bare skin, and aside from proper hygiene, you need to give your beard a little slack.

Yes, sometimes the hair grows too high up on the cheek, and you want to take that excess off, but instead of irritating your skin further with razors, try an electric beard trimmer. It’s much gentler on the skin and after you’re done, treat the area with some good argan based beard oil and stop the rash in its tracks.

Find the one that’s just right

Two common mistakes all people make is washing their face with either cold or steaming hot water. Both ways are wrong as both these temperatures dry the skin, make it prone to flaky patches that fall off and the worst part – it makes the skin under your beard itchy as hell.

The absolute best is lukewarm water. It feels amazing on the skin, allows for the moisturiser to lock in moisture and to top it off, it gives the beard balm the chance to have a real effect.

Beard or no beard

Beard or no beard

This one goes to everyone, but particularly bearded fellas because they’re the ones that forsake the moisturiser. No, your beard won’t protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

On the opposite, it will dry it out even more and that’s why you, more than anyone, need to be very generous in your application of moisturiser.

Apply it on your bare skin as well as the part covered in your beard, after the cleanser, right before the beard balm. This way you’ll keep the dryness at bay and help prevent all the other accompanying issues listed above.

The skin that I beard in

Men’s skin can often turn a bit dull, especially during harsher seasons. One way in which you can return the plumpness to your skin, even out your skin tone and also foster better and quicker hair growth is with a simple massage.

A facial massage serves to increase blood flow bringing the much-needed blood and oxygen to your face for a fresher and healthier look.

The effects of a massage are twofold – aside from great looking skin, you’ll also end up with a face full of gorgeous beard as the motions also encourages a faster growth of hair follicles resulting in a thicker beard.

Simply take 10-15 minutes and massage the skin with tips of your fingers. Move in a circular motion from the bottom up. Do this once or twice a day and you’ll soon begin to notice the difference.

Peter is a men’s health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag from UK. Beside writing he worked as a men’s grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.