Since launching my blog, I have had the pleasure of reviewing a number of different beard products, created by some truly fantastic companies.

The latest beard oil I have reviewed is from The Pure Collection, who are based in the UK.

They were inspired to create a premium all-natural, organic line of beauty products comprised of the purest oils and other high-quality ingredients from around the world to safely enrich your body and soul.

Watch my video for the full review of The Pure Collection’s beard oil.

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Note: I will receive a small commission on any purchases made on The Pure Collection’s website, using this code.

Full video transcript

For the past week or so, I’ve been using a beard oil product from a company called The Pure Collection, who are based in London in the UK.

So when I received the package, the first thing I noticed was its fantastic packaging. As you can see, it’s in sort of a tube. I haven’t really seen anything like it on the beard oil market before, and it’s very luxurious. Looks luxurious.

But I guess the main question is does it match? Does the product actually match up to what it looks like. And to be honest, I would say it does. My beard’s felt very soft. I’ve not had problems with sort of skin irritation or beard dandruff – anything like that. So it’s really helped.

I went to the barbers this weekend and they noted that my beard was very soft. So I do give this product credit, in part, for that, because obviously it’s what I’ve been using for the past week, so, which is great. It smells really good. Actually, it smells luxurious, I would say. So, which was a bonus, because you don’t want something too overpowering. But I think it gets the balance just right.

Another thing I noticed. It does contain … Of its ingredients, 99.6%, just reading it, of their ingredients are organic, which I think is a massive plus. And I’ve said it before in previous videos that you want to look for products which are as organic as possible, natural ingredients.

You don’t want stuff with chemicals that you never heard of, because that’s not going to do any favours to your skin. It’s not going to help it in any way. I always look for natural products as much as possible because I don’t even want to put that on my skin, if that makes sense.

The only sort of criticism I could think of … If I show you the bottle here … It’s a very nice bottle. And the pipette here has got a very fancy sort of top, and it’s very long. But I had a lot of problems, actually, getting beard oil into it and squeezing it out.

It just wouldn’t work for me at all, which … It was disappointing, but I mean, I obviously got ’round that by sort of pouring it onto my hand, but obviously you want to be able to control how much you put on. You don’t want it spilling and going everywhere.

So yeah, that’s one change I would sort of look at … make it a little bit easier to do that, ’cause obviously the bigger beard you are, the more beard oil you need, and if you’re only getting a little bit out of the pipette at a time, that’s not good.

But overall, I would really rate it, and I would recommend that you guys try it out. It makes your beard smell good, and it does what it’s supposed to do – keep your beard looking good and keep it moisturised and neat. So yeah, please … I would recommend it and give it a go.