If you’re particular about grooming your facial hair and looking neat and presentable, then your electric shaver is definitely one of your most used tools.

Electric shavers have greatly simplified the process of shaving, making home-grooming an easy task

But when was the last time you cleaned your electric shaver? And how often do you take steps to maintain its performance?

Just like any other tool, shavers need periodic cleaning and maintenance as well. The better you maintain it, the longer it will serve you as well.

Considering that you put them so close to your skin, (which can be more delicate and susceptible to infections,) keeping your electric shaver clean is absolutely essential.

It is true that many brands come with a self-cleaning dock or mechanism that doesn’t require you to do much.

But that also doesn’t mean that you can leave caution to the wind and expect your shaver to stay in good condition for a long time.

Increasing the shelf-life or longevity of your electric shaver has a lot to do with how well you maintain it and the steps you take to keep it in good shape.

With this in mind, let’s look at five essential electric shaver maintenance tips that can sustain the quality and performance of your electric shaver:


It’s not just with shavers; absolutely any device or gadget used for personal grooming has to be cleaned often, no questions asked.

It’s not just about avoiding rashes or protecting your skin from poor hygiene conditions, but also about keeping your shaver in the best possible shape.

How to clean your electric shaver

How often should you clean your shaver? At least once a week.

And by clean we mean a thorough cleaning, which includes:

  • Removing parts and cleaning them individually
  • Checking for any debris stuck between the blades
  • Sanitising with with some hot water and lemon (or vinegar) or using a particular type of cleaning solution that is sold for this purpose.

Yes, cleaning docks can also be used, but just to make sure that you’ve got every corner cleaned, it’s always better to do a manual cleaning if you have the time for it.

Dusting out

Every time that you shave, whether it’s once or twice in a day, you must make it a habit of dusting the hair and dead skin particles out of the shaver.

When these particles get left behind, they can go unnoticed sometimes because of how small they are.

Over time, this can become a breeding ground for germs and even hinder the precision and performance of the blades by blocking them.

Right after a shave, you must take out the head of the shaver and tap it on a dull surface, preferably the bathroom sink.

After this, you can run the head under water and use your thumb to push the hair out in a direction opposite to the sharp side of the blade. This helps with taking out smaller particles and also makes sure that your skin doesn’t come in contact with bacteria.

Keeping spares

electric shaver spares

While the primary mechanism of the shaver will last long, the more intricate parts of the shaver will undoubtedly need to be switched out at least every 3-4 months.

We’re talking about the blades, shaving head, a cartridge in the cleaning doc, spare batteries, and so on.

Keeping spares is a smart way of not pushing your shaver to the limit. Ideally, whether or not these parts are showing signs of wear and tear, it’s always better to replace them anyway.

Over time, there’s bound to be a decline in the performance of a shaver, and replacing the parts is both imperative and unavoidable.

Battery maintenance

Different brands and models of electric shavers come with different battery capacities as well, but the overall principle of charging and maintaining the battery pretty much stays constant.

Ensure that you’re keeping your shaver charged for an ample amount of time, as per the extent of your usage, and don’t compromise on maintaining the battery as well.

A shaver with a good amount of charge will always perform better than one that has barely any charge left.

Also, if your electric shaver comes with batteries that have to be removed and replaced manually, ensure that you keep track of it and do it whenever necessary. In fact, as mentioned in the previous tip, keeping spare batteries will always save the day.

Keep it dry

Even if your shaver is compatible with wet and dry shaving, keeping it constantly in contact with water is bound to erode or rust the metal components.

Always remember to dry the water off your shaver once you’re done using it. Also, since it’s an electrical device, there’s a chance of suffering from a shock if there’s water on the shaver.

So, for this reason, a dry shaver is always a safe shaver.

Final thoughts

Personal grooming is a very important part of maintaining your appearance, hygiene and cleanliness.

There are a number of brands in the current market that have a variety of electric shaving models. You can find the shavers of your choice from TTC’s roundup on best electric shavers for men.

Most of these come with manuals that tell you how you must maintain the shaver, the do’s and don’ts of cleaning it, and some even come with spare parts as well.

Always remember to keep the shaver back in its case and in dry conditions, and also to keep checking its performance every now and then.