beard questions

Not too many years ago, growing a beard would be a simple task. You could just let it grow to your desired length and then trim it to your favoured style and that would be job done.

But as you probably know, the beard market has taken off massively over the past few years. In fact, the male grooming market is expected to be worth £1 billion annually by 2018, and beard products are a major part of that.

With this increased interest in beards, people are now looking for even more ways to grow and maintain the perfect face fuzz. I know I am!

In this blog post, I am going to answer some of more common beard questions that I often get asked from beard and non-beard growers alike.

How do you grow a great looking beard?

Now I’m not trying to show off here. Believe me, I get just as many people saying I look like a terrorist as I do compliments! But more about that later.

There are many different things you can do to grow a great beard, but the best bit of advice I can give is for you to have patience.

Why you ask? Because if you grow your beard out for 2/3 months at a minimum, you will begin to see the potential of it and can then decide which style suits you best. Not always easy when the itchiness starts and people start commenting on it, but you will be rewarded for your patience in the end.

What is beard oil?

If you’re even slightly serious about beard growth then beard oil is going to be your best friend.

Now I must admit, it took me a while to really understand why it was needed. I mean to keep it clean, surely a quick wash with shampoo will do?

But there is more to it than that. Some key benefits of using beard oil regularly include:

  • Moisturises skin underneath the beard
  • Improves the appearance
  • Makes your beard easier to maintain
  • Reduces itchiness and beard dandruff

You can choose from many different scents, from the thousands of beard oil manufacturers and sellers out there. To find out more about its benefits and how it can fit into your beard care regime, read my ultimate guide.

How do I stop my beard from itching?

beard itch

Ah the dreaded itch. We’ve all been there. That awful stage when your beard becomes so itchy and unbearable that you have to shave it off.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. With some simple steps you can help prevent the itch and grow the beard you’ve always wanted.

  • Apply beard oil twice daily and comb through to reach the skin beneath your beard
  • Brush or comb throughout the day. This also helps to ‘teach’ the hairs to grow downwards
  • Shampoo it – Don’t use the stuff you use for your head hair. Instead, invest in specialist beard shampoo and wash it at most twice a week. Any more than that and you risk stripping your skin of its essential oils and having more dry skin than before!
  • Condition it – Similar story to shampoo, only use sparingly to keep your beard and skin underneath soft.

I have a patchy beard. Is there anything I can do to make my beard look fuller?

First of all, try not to worry.

It is common to have concerns about your beard growing potential. What you must try and remember is that there are plenty of other people in the same boat.

If your beard looks patchy to start with, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stay like that.

As the individual hairs grow longer you will notice that they will eventually ‘drop’ and grow downwards, covering the patchy parts. Brushing them with a boar haired brush or with a comb will also help train the hairs to do this. Not bad eh?

To get your beard hairs to the right length to do this, you should let your beard grow out for at least 2/3 months. I can’t emphasise how important this is! Patience is key remember.

Do you get food stuck in your beard? What can you do to stop it?


To some this may seem a little disgusting.

But this is a serious concern. If you have a rather large, bushy beard you are going to find it almost impossible to not get food stuck in it at some point. That’s a fact.

If I had a pound for every time my girlfriend told me I had something in my beard I would be a rich man!

But which foods cause the most problems? Some of the worst offenders include:

  • Anything with pastry
  • Soup
  • Any drinks
  • Burgers

Now don’t worry. You don’t have to shave your beard off or give up your favourite food and drinks. It certainly helps to have a friend or girlfriend/boyfriend on hand to let you know there is something in your beard, but if not there are other things you can do.

For drinks, use a straw. Not only will you look as cool as fuck, whoever you’re kissing will thank you as you won’t have a soggy moustache! Bonus.

As for food, what I do is make sure that I have a napkin when I’m eating a meal. So if anything does get in my beard I can simply wipe it away.

My friends and family keep calling me a tramp and terrorist. What do I do?

Sadly this is quite a common occurrence. People don’t seem to understand how hurtful they can be sometimes.

Although not easy to put these opinions to one side, you should just ask yourself one question. Do you like your beard? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t worry what anyone else thinks.

In my personal experience, the comments and piss taking soon dies out once the novelty has worn off. Who knows, they might be just jealous that you can grow such a majestic beard and they can’t.

What other questions do you have about growing a beard? Email me at [email protected] or comment below and I will try and advise the best I can.