Any man who has ever grown a beard will have experienced some sort of itchiness, especially in the early stages.

Most of the time this will pass. Or if you’re one of the lucky ones, it won’t happen at all. I really do envy you guys…

If it doesn’t pass, then there could be another issue. More than likely you will have a problem with beard dandruff.

This might concern you, but it really shouldn’t. Getting rid of beard dandruff can be achieved by following a few simple steps. Hopefully this blog post should answer all of your questions.

What causes beard dandruff?

I am going to presume at this point that you know what beard dandruff is. I mean, why else would be reading this article?!

But the real mystery lies in how it’s caused. There a number of reasons why dandruff can start appearing in your beard:

Dry skin


Cold winds and temperatures can easily dry out your skin. Difficult to avoid here in the UK!

This may sound obvious, but what you need to do is protect your beard from the elements as much as possible. A balaclava might not be the most fashionable thing in the world, (I will leave you guys to judge that,) but it certainly keeps your face covered up.

If you’re reluctant to do that, then you can always use a scarf of course!

Some other causes of beard dandruff include:

  • Shampoo – This may sound surprising, but washing your beard too much with shampoo can strip it of its natural oils, causing skin irritation.
  • Water temperature – If you’re like me, you will like nothing more than having a lovely hot shower. However, this can also cause sore skin beneath your beard.
  • Yeast – Some scientists believe that yeasts that live on your skin such as Pityrosporum Ovale, can lead to flaking skin.
  • Stress – Who would have thought it?! Stress is also thought to be a cause of beard dandruff.

Signs that you have beard dandruff

signs that you have beard dandruff

For those of us who have had beard dandruff at some point, you will know how annoying it is.

The signs are quite obvious. But for those who haven’t experienced it before, here is what you should look out for.

Flakes of skin

You know those white bits on your jumper or t-shirt?

Yes they could have come from your head hair, but if you also have facial fuzz, then your beard could be the issue.

If you’re not sure, the easy thing to do is to give your beard a quick brush. You will know fairly quickly where the flaky skin has come from!


This is a common complaint. You may have experienced this during the start of your beard growing journey, when a lot of people have trouble.

However this is not the only time when itchiness can occur. The lack of moisture beneath your beard will cause your skin to dry out and then itch. Because thicker hair is grown on your chin, this is where you will feel it the most.

Sore skin

Itchiness can be annoying and flaking skin can be embarrassing.

But you’ll find that the problems really start when you start to notice sore skin beneath your beard.

Now I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t pleasant. With skin flaking away, all that will be left is red raw skin which can be unbearably painful at times. I must admit that the discomfort has made me consider shaving off my beard. Yes, it’s that bad!

Getting rid of beard dandruff

getting rid of beard dandruff

So by now you should know what causes beard dandruff and the signs to look out for.

Now we’re at the important bit. No longer do you have to suffer in silence. Below are some tips to get rid of that annoying flaky skin forever.

Use beard oil

I have spoken many times about the benefits of beard oil in previous blog posts.

There is a reason why it is such a key part of the booming beard care market. Not only does it help your beard look and feel healthy, it also plays the important role of moisturising the skin underneath it.

Look out for products that contain carrier oils such as almond and coconut that will protect and sooth your skin.

Whatever you do, don’t use the moisturiser that you use on the rest of your face. Take it from me, it doesn’t work!


Shampoo your beard……but not too much!

You know that you shampoo your head hair to keep it clean and flake free? Well your beard needs a similar treatment.

But I must warn you, washing your beard too much can strip its natural oils leaving your skin dry and irritated.

I tend to wash mine just once a week which works just fine. However if your beard is on the long side or if you work outdoors, then I would recommend washing it a couple of times a week instead.

Watch your shower temperature

I must admit, I used to be a big fan of having a boiling hot shower in the morning.

That was until I found out the damage that it was causing to my skin. Just by lowering the temperature of the water by a few degrees can make a big difference.

To take this further, I always rinse my beard with cold water before getting in the shower. This helps to balance out the heat from the shower water. The alternative of having freezing cold showers everyday doesn’t fill me with much enthusiasm I must say!

Brush and comb regularly

Brushing and combing your beard can help to reduce beard dandruff in two ways.

First of all, it can help brush away the flakes of skin that are stuck in your beard. The last thing you want is for someone to have to point it out to you. I have certainly been there!

Secondly, the combing and brushing can help distribute the beard oil throughout your beard and help it to reach the irritated skin underneath.